Smarter Contact Centres driven by engaging interactions and great customer experience.

Contact Centres are complex and involve multiple fragmented systems and data silos. Through our innovative products and solutions, we simplify and integrate them empowering you to offer a superior and coherent customer experience across all channels. Do not just meet your customer expectations, exceed them !

Digital age demands things to be done differently……….

Contact Centres of future

The traditional view of cost reduction to serve is changing. Contact Centres in digital age are at the heart of customer experience strategy, helping businesses to engage more with customers and deepen the relation and increase advocacy and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Contact centres are no longer seen as cost centres and rather an important medium for increased engagement opportunities with customers to drive cross-sell and upsell and improved customer experience to drive loyalty and satisfaction, all of which ultimately drive profitability.

Businesses are harnessing power of data to learn about their customers. Contact centres is a vital source of this data. Businesses analyse it in an attempt to strengthen engagement with their customers.

Omni Channel is taking centre stage – The challenge is not engaging with customers through multiple channels but making sure the information is consistent and the process is seamless if customers want to move from one channel to the next.

How can we help?

Innovative Products and Solutions – We develop products and solutions with the focus on enriching customer experience and aspire to bring a fresh perspective on how customer interactions are handled in the modern age when customer expectations are ever rising, getting diverse and changing frequently.

Delivering contact centres of future – This digital age demands contact centre to do things differently. We understand that and we are guiding businesses towards more integrated systems by removing silos, improving agent awareness and performance for better engagement. Harnessing the power of data, we provide valuable insights to key stakeholders to act timely and make informed decisions. We understand this is challenging but we have a skilled team who is already helping our customers transforming their traditional contact centres into a digitally ready and smart customer engagement centres.

Direction of our journey – We believe customer interactions should be Easy, Effective, Consistent and Insightful across all channels and would like to invite you to join us on this journey.

We are up for it and already helping businesses through our innovative solutions

A true multi-channel customer feedback solution that allows you to capture and analyze your customer's feedback across all channels including IVR, Email, SMS and Web. The solution supports all major contact centre platforms including; Avaya, Cisco, Genesys and Amazon Connect.

A data driven and integrated agent desktop solution that integrates your agent desktop with with any CRM software as well as Ticket and Case Management systems. And that is not all, it can connect to any legacy systems that can feed any important information to agents while they are handling conversations with your customers. Boost agent productivity and cut down AHT.

Ensures you never miss to record calls. Depending on nature of it, businesses are obliged by regulations to keep recordings intact and provide them as and when requested bu customers or court. Penalities for failing to comply are high, with iAssure you can avoid any litigations or fines down the road.

Discovers, documents and tests your IVR flows automatically.

A next generation Business Analytics and Reporting platform that allows business to consolidate multiple datasources and build and data model that joins critical dots across multiple systems and provide key matrices to business users so they can create any reports and dashboards without involving IT teams.

Solving complex business problems through innovative ideas and solutions is what drives us.

………. we help you drive greater value out of your contact centre solution

Your contact centre can do a lot more then you think!  Integration is the key.

Protecting your existing investment – You do not necessarily need to invest in a completely new solution! We can integrate the legacy and silo-ed systems within your existing contact centre enabling you to drive more value out of your investment and deliver better and cohesive customer experience across all channels.

But integration is expensive – It is only when the suppliers or vendors don’t have required skills and experience and they rely on 3rd parties which make it an expensive option. 

We got what it takes – We have our own team of developers based out in UK and Pakistan enabling us to deliver great quality solutions most cost effectively. The value our customers get far exceeds the cost and ROIs are high. Talk to us to find out more.

Agent Desktop Integration and Optimization – You contact centre agents are the face of your business. A smarter desktop application can feed your agents with timely information that helps them serve your customers better giving you edge over competition when it comes to the customer service.

Integrated & Personalized IVR – An engaging and personalized IVR interaction can win you customers as well as alleviate extra pressure from your contact centre system and keep the queue times in check. 

Dashboards and Wallboards

Custom Reports

Customer Experience is at the heart of our product development and solution design strategy. We believe customer interactions should be Easy, Effective, Consistent and Insightful across all channels.

Want to elevate the customer experience? Lets discuss !

We would like to know and understand more about your business and your goals and see how we can help you to be more successful and a hero in eyes of your customers!